Through the avoidance of scoring systems, which put all clients into one central database, Metrica is able to provide clients a truly tailored analysis approach - each of our 140+ clients has its own fully customised and flexible database.
our portfolio of offerings includes:
  • Evaluation Reports
    Sophisticated intelligence yet easy for all stakeholders to understand and available in as much or little detail, as required

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Scorecards
    Help set objectives, focus PR resource and measure success

  • MyMetrica
    Using the latest web technology this real-time evaluation platform provides complete control over the analysis process enabling clients to track developments, spot opportunities or threats, monitor and archive coverage as well as build reports and planning data

  • Integrated Market Research
    A specialist division within our business offers a range of tools and expertise that integrate into PR analysis and evaluation

  • PR Planning Consultancy
    Our specialist account teams are available to share their experience and insight helping clients identify and track issues pertaining to media consumption and audience

  • UKPulse
    UKPulse is our groundbreaking PR planning tool which enables fast and effective targeting of specific audiences.

    Taking in everything from socio economic and business questions to lifestyle, social networking and environmental attitudes, UKPulse can provide the answers about the people you need to reach.

    The results from our sample of 13,000 respondents, polled via YouGov, can be viewed by building charts in the easy to use application.
    For further information please ask a member of your account team or contact us.
  • Under the Skin Reports
    In depth reports which explore the minute detail of niche audience groups for precise targeting

  • Journalist Relationship Management Tools
    Relationship management systems which help track, manage and measure contact with key journalists

  • Online Media Solutions
    With ease and efficiency of data exhange often paramount, Metrica also offers real time news aggregation and analysis with online sourcing and hosting

  • New Media Monitoring
    Metrica works with clients to devise meaningful relevant ways to measure the impact of podcasts, blogs and other social media

For further details on any of the above or to discuss any other specific requirements please e-mail us at [email protected] and we´┐Żll give you a call back.

Our ground breaking approach to PR planning and media evaluation has transformed the industry