Metrica media analysts
Accurate, actionable analysis requires highly skilled, intelligent analysts who can understand the nuances and context of each individual client brief.

Headquartered in London, Metrica�s in-house analysts work with its supporting global network to analyse media coverage, as it appears, around the world.

Metrica�s head analysts, based in the London office, are experts across all industry sectors and come from a wide variety of backgrounds with a multitude of academic qualifications between them - for example:
  • Journalism graduate with experience in writing for various newspapers and online publications. Subsequently specialised in media analysis working for Africa�s largest media monitoring and evaluation organisation, before joining Metrica, focusing on major international technological companies.

  • Media specialist with a Masters in Media Practice and a degree in politics who has worked in various capacities in the delivery of news content for both the private and public sectors in the UK and overseas, including an Australian state government department.

  • Philosophy graduate who subsequently trained in publishing and worked in print-production and shipping before joining Metrica, where he specialises in analysis for a global tech company.

  • Languages graduate with honours in European Studies and Modern Languages and a Masters in Language and Linguistics. Specialist in pan-European media analysis and bespoke pan-European Daily Press Summary provision for the past nine years with expertises in the automotive and tech sectors.

global, accurate and actionable analysis