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Planning, Evaluation, Consultation � our mission statement is transparent and easy to understand, and our way of working is exactly the same.

Our tools and services work seamlessly with in-house and agency PR teams, enabling us to provide advice and support which helps drive maximum value from analysis.

As a leader in the media analysis industry we know that scoring systems do not work, so we do not use them. Complex evaluation reports with nifty scoring systems might look impressive but they are neither friendly nor insightful.

Metrica�s dashboard of metrics, unique to each client, clearly identifies required trends in media coverage enabling at a glance evaluation which delivers actionable information. The tailored reports, which summarise the findings, do so in a way that makes them meaningful to users outside of communications.

Metrica is so committed to transparency and clarity that our online tool, MyMetrica, makes available the breakdown of individual articles providing the information and insight required to support PR activity at all stages of the lifecycle.

We can offer advice on the best way to show your successes to the rest of your organisation