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Due diligence to planning is critical to achieving success in PR. Recognising the value Metrica delivers to the planning process, organisations all over the world turn to us for expert advice, consultation and support.

Working with Metrica from the beginning of the PR lifecycle helps clients:
  • Create stronger, more focused plans � precise targeting to maximise results and efficiency
  • Deal with issues that arise during the execution of an activity � particularly relevant in a Web 2.0 environment and the rise of UGC (user generated content)
  • Ensure that outcomes are properly and meaningfully evaluated � invaluable in an environment of increased accountability
  • Apply insights from evaluation � these can be used for the planning of future campaigns

We offer two key planning services:

UKPulse � our revolutionary planning tool which enables clients to identify and tap into the behavioural patterns of key target audiences.

Under the Skin Reports � customised reports which go even further, drilling down to the detail of specific audiences for optimum insight.