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UKPulse revolutionises the PR industry�s planning capabilities. By utilising the same sophisticated techniques as other marketing disciplines, notably the advertising industry, PR practitioners now have easily accessible research data on a myriad of target audiences.

Based on the results of omnibus surveys of over 13,000 people representative of the entire UK population, UKPulse contains information on all aspects of the population�s lives. UKPulse covers all of the key information that you need to help you to plan PR campaigns effectively.

It looks at the UK population answering questions on:
  • Media consumption habits, what we read watch and listen to broken down by all types - traditional print media, broadcast, social media, blogs and networks
  • Belief of these media � which of these types are the most credible place for your message to appear?
  • Computing, internet and mobile phone usage in the interconnected world
  • Blogs, podcasts, user generated videos, social media and consumer recommendation sites
  • Shopping habits, including where we like to shop, and what we�re buying to live and to enjoy ourselves
  • Fashion tastes, who leads and who follows
  • Food & drink consumption, favourite brands, and how healthy we are
  • Employment and business circumstances, organisations, salaries, sectors and job types
  • Financial situation, where we bank, our credit cards, our mortgages, our major purchases and our intentions for the future
  • Transport and travel, the vehicles we own, our business travel preferences and our holiday habits
  • Leisure activities, what we like to do to relax and enjoy ourselves
  • Sports, how we keep fit and which ones we prefer to watch from the armchair
  • Family situation, our relationships, our families and our children
  • Generosity, the charities that we support, and how we give
  • Environmental concerns
  • Socio-economic situation, age, gender, ethnicity and where we live
And a whole host of other questions too.

The beauty of UKPulse is the ease with which you can create your own highly defined target audience. Once built it is easy to interrogate this audience against all of these criteria. This means that you can generate an accurate key media list based around research into your target audience�s preferences at the click of a mouse. The simple user interface enables PR activity to be planned with confidence, saving valuable time and resource in the process.

UKPulse quite simply revolutionises the speed, accuracy and integrity of PR planning techniques. Speak to one of our PR planning consultants today to find out how it can help you and to arrange a demonstration of the product.

Metrica surveyed an unprecedented 13,000 people to make UKPulse more comprehensive than ever before