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Metrica JRM
Metrica JRM (Journalist Relationship Management) is a tool based on the concept of a CRM system which enables PR teams to track journalist detail, contact and coverage and use that information for planning and reports.

Because Metrica JRM is a web based application the data is centralised and easily available throughout the entire organisation. This means it is simple to keep updated and use to track outreach to journalists (including details of phone calls, lunches, interviews, mailings, press events and so forth). Press kits and background documents can also be uploaded.

For those clients with a MyMetrica portal it is possible to link directly to articles written by individual journalists. Over time this builds into a record of output by that journalist or publication, allowing clients to identify trends between their PR activity and specific journalists.

Metrica JRM is incredibly quick and easy to use, designed to put contact information about a journalist or publication two clicks away � invaluable when dealing with unexpected calls and crisis situations.

The ability to run contact reports from Metrica JRM also helps keep relationships fresh and ensure that journalists are neither bombarded nor neglected.

They might even thank you for it in time, although we wouldn�t like to guarantee it!
Journalist Audits
Metrica�s Journalist Audits are a great way to learn more about the beliefs and attitudes of specific contacts for more effective planning and execution of PR activity. The results can also be used to show the effect of journalists� attitudes on the editorial they generate.

As evaluators of the entire media landscape we have a unique perspective on the way individual journalists around the world work and think. Our market research consultants are experts at producing online surveys and telephone scripts designed to obtain specific information, whilst Metrica�s interviewers have the gravitas to carry them out sensitively.