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Whilst a global IT company and UK-based not-for-profit organisation share a need to understand their media coverage and demonstrate the effectiveness of their PR activity, they will approach it very differently.

Similarly, whilst favourability of coverage benchmarked against competitors may be extremely useful in a corporate PR department, a government defence agency is likely to be more interested in how successfully its political messages have been conveyed. Likewise, it is also crucial that nuances in message interpretation are understood - coverage of an announcement about redundancies might be very unfavourable in a local paper but slightly favourable in The Financial Times.

Metrica understands these differences.

Getting to know our clients and their business is central to the way we work and, as a result, Metrica has a wealth of industry expertise. This is encouraged through dedicated sector teams � including Technology, Not for Profit, Consumer and Finance � with the result that our people are as passionate about their area of specialism as they are in the planning and evaluation of their clients' PR activities.

We know it is important to treat you like the individual you are